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About Barrage

The Marriage of Two Passions


Hey! My name is Lee Barczyk. I have always loved business as a whole. I'm also an extremely outgoing person, and really enjoy meeting and interact with others. While attending college at Penn State Behrend, I had a slight interest in psychology and more specifically the way that people perceive and interact with their environment and other people. This naturally evolved into an interest in the psychology of business - marketing. 


Fast forward 5 years and I now am beginning my journey of running a digital marketing agency. Through the last 5 years after my graduation, I have gained invaluable experience and expertise within the 4 areas of marketing that I offer service for. My focuses lie in Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Consulting, and Content Creation. For more information on my experience in these areas see my "work" page, my LinkedIn profile linked at the footer of this site, or download my resume attached at the bottom of the "work" page. 


Barrage is my current passion, and what I have continued to build day to day as a side project, but now my full devotion. My goal is to help small to medium sized business's build their brand and voice online, while creating a life for myself that I have always dreamed of. It's just me right now, and I don't have any plans to pick up employees in the immediate future, however if you are interested in services that I do not offer specifically, I have created a great network of industry professionals that I can recommend to you! Thank you for stopping by! 

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